1. New Rockford Fosgate Prime R1-1X10

    Rockford Fosgate Prime R1-1X10

    The Prime R1-1X10 is a single 10” sealed enclosure that provides great low bass response at an incredible value. The enclosure is constructed with durable MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and covered in resilient high-density carpet. The subwoofer features a Rockford Fosgate’s signature Anodized aluminum voice coil former to deliver superior power handling over the competition. Learn More
  2. New HERTZ DBX 30.3

    HERTZ DBX 30.3

    SUB BOX Learn More
  3. New HERTZ DBX 252.3

    HERTZ DBX 252.3

    SUB BOX Learn More
  4. New HERTZ DBX 25.3

    HERTZ DBX 25.3

    SUB BOX Learn More
  5. New HERTZ DBA 200.3

    HERTZ DBA 200.3

    SUB BOX Learn More
  6. HERTZ EBX 300.5

    HERTZ EBX 300.5

    Bass Reflex Sub Box Learn More
  7. HERTZ EBX 250.5

    HERTZ EBX 250.5

    Bass Reflex Sub Box Learn More
  8. HERTZ EBX 200.5

    HERTZ EBX 200.5

    Bass Reflex Sub Box Learn More
  9. HERTZ EBX F25.5

    HERTZ EBX F25.5

    Passive Radiator Sub Box Learn More
  10. HERTZ EBX F20.5

    HERTZ EBX F20.5

    REFLEX SUB BOX Learn More